Embossing: How to Emboss & Some Tips


Embossing is a fun way to add some texture to your project. There are many cool Embossing Folders that create subtle backgrounds, backgrounds with images, and there are even some that coordinate with Dies to create a super fun image!

Today, I’m going to share all about how to Emboss! I’m referring specifically to Dry Embossing in this blog post, which is created with Embossing Folders (seen in the photo above). I’ve linked a YouTube video a little further down on this post where I share lots of tips & tricks. Make sure to check it out!

In the video, I share several cards that use Embossing Folders to create a beautiful card. You can use Embossing Folders in loads of different ways, and they can emboss a partial layer or a full layer!


BASICS OF DRY EMBOSSING: Embossing Folders are plastic folders that come in several different sizes and create a textured pattern on your cardstock. You can use them on several types of paper (including Designer Series Paper and Vellum!).

WHAT TOOLS ARE NEEDED TO EMBOSS? Similar to Die Cutting, you have to have an Embossing/Die Cutting Machine. These basically have a roller in them that presses the folder into the cardstock to create texture. Stampin’ Up! has two embossing/die cutting machines – the Stampin’ Cut and Emboss Machine and the Mini Stampin’ Cut and Emboss Machine.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE MINI & FULL SIZE MACHINE? They both can do the same thing – emboss and die cut. But, the Mini Machine is portable and light (making it great to take on trips – road trips, or even just to a friend’s house!). The Mini Machine cannot fit every embossing folder and die Stampin’ Up! offers; but the Full Size Machine can. There are Mini Embossing Folders that can fit in the Mini Machine, and smaller dies can fit too. View the measurements of what fits in the description of the Mini Machine from Stampin’ Up! here.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REGULAR EMBOSSING FOLDER AND A 3D EMBOSSING FOLDER? While they both work in the same way, the 3D folders give more depth to the layer. There are also different “sandwiches” to run through the Stampin’ Cut and Emboss Machine, depending on what kind of folder you’re using.

  • For a 3D Folder: Base Plate #1 – Embossing Folder – Plate #4
  • For a Regular Folder: Base Plate #1 – Plate #3 – Embossing Folder – Plate #3

Have a question or tip about Embossing? Write it in the comments!


Click here to watch on YouTube


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