Let’s Talk About the Sticky Stuff!


Let’s be honest. We all want a good adhesive to hold our lives — oops, I mean our cards — together. Have you ever put a card together (or even received a card) that fell apart? I have. I was so sad to have to let that card go because it was so beautiful!

For the past 6 years, I have exclusively used Stampin’ Up!’s adhesives in my card making. It holds my stuff together, and it really does a great job at being the best sticky stuff around!

So, I wanted to create a quick reference guide in case you’re wondering which adhesives to use when, and I even made a video sharing a look at all of these wonderful adhesives. Check out the video below:

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I’ve also created a quick Guide to Stampin’ Up! Adhesives, which I am sharing so you can have a quick reference when crafting. Check it out below:

When you use the right adhesives, you don’t have to worry about your card falling apart. It’s a win-win! In the video, I shared how I put together my dad’s birthday card, which included several intricate pieces. Here’s a look at all the sticky stuff I used on that card:

ADHESIVE POUCHES: Grab your very own Adhesive Pouch containing several of my all-time favorite Stampin’ Up! adhesives. Only available for a limited time, click the button below:

Do you have a favorite Stampin’ Up! adhesive? Let me know in the comments!

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